Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Africa


was founded in 2015 as a local South African branch of the Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Group.

In making entrepreneural available knowledge and technology sources related to RISK strictly in line with the market's 'rules of play',we speed effective and efficient partnerships between academic and scientific establishements and trade and industry with benefit on both sides.

Thanks to flat structures and decentralized organization, we craft solutions for our customers quickly and efficiently. Our knowledge is always up to date and constantly adapted to respond to structural changes and market requirements. We define our success in terms of the practical success of our customers.



Supplier Development & Localization (SD&L) in South Africa




Steinbeis has the goal of extending and transferring German and international knowledge and expertise worldwide. Steinbeis R-Tech was the driving force in the Risk Based Inspection project in South Africa. Since 2013 Steinbeis R-Tech is the Implementation partner of Eskom, the largest energy supplier in Africa, for Risk Based Inspection. The Eskom RBI project mainly focused on implementing RBI at the power stations, but it also transferred knowledge, skills, and corporate culture in line with the Steinbeis philosophy.


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